meet OHA's transition task force

Opera House Arts' Board of Directors recognizes we exist in strange times of great change and anxiety. To navigate us through these waters, the Board has appointed the following Task Force members to support the staff and ensure the institution enters its second 20 years while performing its community-based mission and serving all of you, residents of and visitors to our island and greater Hancock County communities.


Transition Task Force Members:

William Anderson, OHA Board Chair; Peter Richards, Task Force Chair, board member and former Interim Artistic Director; John Steed, board member, Stonington Selectman, and former OHA employee; Pam Getto, General Manager; Rich Howe, board chair emeritus; and Linda Nelson, founding Executive Director, board member emeritus, and Deputy Director for Portland Ovations.

Pam Getto

General Manager

Pam Getto is an Island Native who believes good theatre can bring people of all walks of life together. She attended USM for computer science and worked 10 years as a corporate trainer for a large insurance company. She has been active in several community organizations such as chair for The Reach Performing Arts Center, the theatre at Deer Isle Stonington Elementary School, Secretary for the Alumni Association for Deer Isle Stonington, and the actors' representative for Cabin Fever Theatre. She lives in Deer Isle with her husband Alex, and children Riley and Luke and dog Daisy. She loves that the Opera House gives anyone with a passion to be on stage the opportunity.

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Development Associate
Marvis Zou
Media and Technology Associate
Tyler Walker
Head House & Concessions Manager
Riley Getto
Mason Woodman
Student House Manager
Ellie Larrabee
Mason Woodman
Ted Crouch

Grace Torrey

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