Desdemona, a play about a handkerchief

by Paula Vogel

directed by Julia Sears

at Nervous Nellies, 598 Sunshine Rd, Deer Isle, ME

August 13-29, 5:30pm

Featuring: Ellis Greer, Esther Williamson, and Imani Youngblood

Desdemona is newly wed and on an unfamiliar island. She searches for every opportunity to shake off her mask of obedience and purity. Bound to an indifferent husband, Emilia works tirelessly towards some kind of freedom. Elated by her new love and a captivating new friend, Bianca knows she’s moving up in the world. These three women navigate the perils of honesty, desire, and the men who decide their fate. Staged in the magical woods behind Nellieville, Julia Sears returns to Opera House Arts to direct this reimagining of Shakespeare's Othello.


Creative Team:

Director: Julia Sears

Production Design: Pedro Guevara

Costume Design: Jennifer Paar

Music Direction, Sound Design and Composer: Shaudi Vahdat

Stage Manager: Reed Davis

Production Manager: Mary Jean Sedlock

Technical Director: Rebecca Key

Costume Construction Assistant: Randon Pool

Seating at Nervous Nellies

All ticket buyers will have a seat.

Parking at Nervous Nellies: 

Ticket buyers may park in the parking lot at Nervous Nellies. Whenever possible please carpool due to limited space.


by William Shakespeare

directed by Cait & Bari Robinson

an Our Own” Community Playreading 

July 30-31

at the Stonington Opera House, 6pm

Pay What You Wish

Featuring: David Bayley, Kendall Cooper, Hannah Daly, James Fisher, Tim Peper, Peter Richards, Bari Robinson, Ariane van Buren, Esther Williamson, Victoria Worth, Veronica Young

After a series of resounding victories for the Venetian army, Othello, the brilliant Black military general, returns home to marry Desdemona. Unfortunately, there are those who celebrated his successes in the field who now reject his marriage. When his top advisor, Iago, begins to plot Othello’s ruin, our general finds himself at the crossroads of power, race, jealousy, love, and revenge. Othello is presented in conversation with Desdemona, a play about a handkerchief.

Othello Reading.png

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