The Living Room Project: Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, excerpt, directed by Caitlin Shetterley, with community forum
The Living Room Project: The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, directed  by Judith Jerome, with community forum
My Mother’s Clothes are Not My Mother, written and performed by Elizabeth Peavey
The Seagull, by Anton Chekov, directed by Peter Richards
The Fat Knight, Gala, directed by Linda Nelson and Julia Whitworth
Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare, directed by Jeffrey Frace, with Julia Sears

Julius Caesar

Men’s Lives, by Joseph Pintauro, directed by Peter Richards
Columbinus, by Stephen Karam and P.J. Paparelli, directed by Nicole Nolan Student playreading
Anna Christie, by Eugene O’Neill, directed by Linda Nelson
Under Milkwood, by Dylan Thomas, directed by Peter Richards
Constellations, by Nick Payne, directed by Meg Tainter

Truck and Remembering What Never Happened, Bridgman/Packer Dance Co
Baleadas, by Traspediante Dance Co

Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert
The Fat Knight, with Suzanne Nance, Peter Szep, and John McVeigh
Deer isle Jazz Festival, with Evan Christopher, Haystack Guest Artist, and the Storyville Centennial Project (GSA combo opens); and Geri Allen (Novel Jazz
Septet opens with a tribute to Billy Strayhorn)
Jonathan Edwards
The Derrick Semler Band



Max Treitler and Paul Sullivan

Matt Dane and Anastasia Antonacos 

The Daponte String Quartet

Ralitza Patcheva: A Room with a Symphony

Kneisel Hall Young Performers

Carolyn Surrick: Between War and Here

Vasily Popov, cello and electric guitar

The Woo Downeast, with Heidi Powell

Anastasia Antonacos Trio

Peter Atkinson and Friends

The Saline Fiddlers
Jackson Gillman
Avner the Eccentric
Bob Berky
The Norman Ng Magic Experience
The Maine Frontier, with Sumner McKane
Baleadas, by Traspediante Dance Co.

Mad Morning Meetings
Island Arts Camp, with Jackson Gillman, guest artist

If I Were the Boss of Creation, storytelling and music with bob Quinn, Dennis Damon,and Brian Robbins
An Evening of Poetry with Richard Blanco



The Living Room Project: Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, excerpt, directed by Caitlin Shetterley, inauguration, with community forum
Good Night Nurse: The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as told by Someone Who Was There, cabaret
This Hour Forward, multimedia performance, written and directed by Ryan Conarro
When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet, high school production to MPA One-Act Contest
Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, directed by Holly Derr and performed in repertory with R & J & Z
R & J & Z, by Melody Bates, directed by Joan Jubett
West Side Story, concert version, with Suzanne Nance, Peter Szepp, and John McVeigh. 
The Last Ferryman, by Paul Sullivan and Linda Britt, directed by Judith Jerome

The Seagull, by Anton Chekov, directed by Peter Richards

Duck Variations and Judith party

Alison Chase Performance

The Daponte String Quartet, Whirlwind Romance, Valentine’s Day program
Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert
Samba Meets Jazz
Deer isle Jazz Festival with Danilo Perez Trio and Ben Street, Haystack Guest Artist, (Emilia Dahlin opens); The Henry Butler Trio (GSA’s 7-Up opens)
The New Traditional Jazz Band
Noel Paul Stookey

Randy Judkins
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers
Alison Chase Performance
Laughing Couple, Abenaki storytelling
Norman Ng: Magic Experience
Gordie Mackeeman & his Rhythm Boys/ 10 Strings and a Goat

Beneath the Harvest Sky, feature film set in Aroostook County, talkback with Directors
Arrows to Infinity, Dorothy Darr’s documentary on Charles Lloyd
John Imber’s Left Hand, new film documentary by Richard Kane. Talkback with Kane and Imber’s wife, Jill Hoy

Mad Morning meetings
Full school year of Bridge residencies and workshops at DISES and Sedgwick Schools, including:
Year-long residency with Gretchen Berg and Laurie Downey: interviews with elders, visual journaling, creation of
mural, “Our Forever Bridge”
Digital Storytelling workshop with Sheridan Kelly, and middle school
Bridge filmmaking project
Field trips to the bridge
“Living Headlines” residency with Ryan Conarro, DISES
Concluded with school-wide performances and unveiling of murals
Student Symposium: Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, excerpt, directed by Caitlin Shetterley and full day of activities
Kennedy Center workshop with Kassie Misiewicz
Speaking Shakespeare/R&J&Z workshop with Melody Bates x2, DISHS
Adapting Shakespeare workshop with Peter Richards and cast of Lamentable, DISHS
Good Night Nurse: The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as told by Someone Who Was There, cabaret
Island Arts Camp, Randy Judkins guest artist

Pecha Kucha
Bridge Walk and opening of Bridge End Park
Community read, Romeo and Juliet, with Alicia Anstead
Zombie Hunt and Brunch of the Living Dead, sponsored by CAB to open the R&Js
An Evening of Poetry, with Deborah Cummins and guest readers


Last Gas, by John Cariani, directed by Judith Jerome (Winter)
Congratulations, MacBeth, Cabaret Performance (Winter)
The Millay Sisters: A Cabaret, directed by Cynthia Croot and Joan Jubett
Cymbeline, Shakespeare, directed by Julia Whitworth

R & J & Z

Duck Variations, by David Mamet, directed by Joshua McCarey (Winter)
I Am An Emotional Creature, by Eve Ensler, directed by Esther Adams, Student Playreading (Winter)
One Billion Rising, celebration of V-Day, directed by Mia Kanazawa
Motherhood Out Loud, conceived by Sharon R. Rose and Joan Stein, directed by Judith Jerome and Linda Nelson (May)
Hatty, a play with music, by Bundy Boit, directed by Judith Jerome (workshop)
The Insurgents, by Lucy Thurber, directed by Linda Nelson (Fall)

Voyeur and Under My Skin, Bridgman/Packekr Dance Co.

Valerie Orth and Mike Billings
Royal River Honeybadgers
Bud Carter Annual Music Scholarship Concert 
P.S. I Love Music, with Suzanne Nance, Gordon Gottleib, and Jessica Chen
Samba Meets Jazz
13th Annual Deer isle Jazz Festival, with Fred Hersch Trio (Noel Brennan Quartet opens), and Yosvany Terry (Haystack Guest Artist) Quartet (GSA’s Lucy and the Diamonds opens)
Hymn for Her
Guitar Masters
Jonathan Edwards



The Hancock Quartet

Johnny Gandlesman

BOOM, the Baroque Orchestra of Maine

Adrien Rej

Sonatas and Show Pieces for Violin and Piano

Juliet and the Lonesome Romeos

Trio Nuevo, Leah Zelnick and friends

Montana Skys

Grown, directed by Jamie Watkins
Top Hat Toy Theater, with David Worobec
Fred Garbo’s Inflatable Theater
Bill Harley, songs and stories
Maranacook String Band
A Day in Her Life, written and performed by Hilary Chaplain

Vacationland, starring Karen Black and shot in Denmark, ME
My Coma Dreams, jazz-theater work by Fred Hersch
Unfinished Spaces, Cuba’s National Art Schools

Mad Morning Meetings
Playwriting residency with John Cariani, DISHS
Speaking Shakespeare/R&J&Z residency with Melody Bates, x2 DISHS
Adapting Shakespeare workshop with Justin Badger and Stephanie Dodd, DISHS
Congratulations Macbeth, performance at the Reach, w Stephanie Dodd and Justin Badger
Kennedy Center writing workshop with Amy McDonald, DISHS
Collaboration with the Reach on Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy, including community read of the novel, field trip to Maine State Museum in Augusta for Malaga Island exhibit
Storytelling workshop with Gary Schmidt, author of Lizzie Bright, DISES
Island Arts Camp, with guest artist Jamie Watkins
Bridgman/Packer lecture-demo

Nancy Milford, author of Savage Beauty, on Edna St. Vincent Millay
Community read of Cymbeline in Blue Hill, with Alicia Anstead
Hop Around Stonington, CAB treasure hunt party to open B/P’s Voyeur
Home, an evening of poetry with Deborah Cummins and local readers



The Aliens, by Annie Baker, directed by Peter Richards (Winter)
Our Own Funny Valentine, short local plays, directed by Robert Burke (Winter)
Welcome Home Hamlet, a Hamlet Cabaret, developed and performed by Peter Lettre, Stephanie Dodd, Justin Badger, and Rachel Murdy  (Winter)
Ten Real Star Acts, conceived and directed by Jeffrey Frace (Gala)
Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare, directed by Craig Baldwin 
Love is a Mix Tape, by Rob Sheffield, adapted for the stage by Maggie Erwin and  Mark Van Hare, directed by Jamie Watkins. Workshop performance.
Burt Dow: Deep Water Man, by Maia Aprahamian
They Call Me Vincent, developed by Margi Douglas, Rachel Murdy, and Peter Szep, directed by Cynthia Croot, in development showing
Locally and Organically Grown, new 10 minute plays from Cariani workshop

The Bridge Project
They Call Me Vincent, developed by Margi Douglas, Rachel Murdy, and Peter Szep, directed by Cynthia Croot
R & J & Z

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, adapted and directed by Esther Adams (student playreading)
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, by Mike Daisy, directed by Judith Jerome and Linda Nelson

Adele Myers and Dancers

Okbari, with Duncan Hardy and Carl Dimow
Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert
P.S. I Love Music, with Paul Sullivan and Rob Kapilow, Thomas Wolf, and Stephanie Colavito
Samba Meets Jazz and Batacuda
12th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with Kenny Barron, Duncan Hardy and local quartet open; Roy Nathanson (guest artist at Haystack) and Sotto Voce, with GSA’s Intrepid opening
Guitar Masters
Ingrid Michaelson and Friends
New Trad Jazz Band
Hymn for Her, with Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing
P.S. I Love Music, with Paul Sullivan and friends
Francine Reed, of the Lyle Lovett Large Band



Suzanne Sings, with Suzanne Nance

BOOM, the Baroque Orchestra of Maine

Performance of work from Nathanson/Maddox workshop

The Daponte String Quartet

Taylor’s Grove, with Mac McHale and Carolyn Hutton

Adele Myers and Dancers
Brent McCoy: Comedy Works
Thumbs Up, with the Celebration Barn Ensemble
Robert McCloskey 16mm films
Bill Harley, songs and stories
Hymn for Her, with Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing

Rural Route Film Festival
Welcome to Lee, Maine and A Marine’s Guide to Fishing, with conversation with Kate Braestrup, Chaplain for the Maine Forest Service, and Tom Ricks
In the Blood, w/ Sumner McKane, multidisciplinary representation of turn-of-the Century Maine lumbermen
Robert McCloskey 16mm films
Centennial Film Series, the best movies of the last 100 years, shown free 1x/month

MAD Morning Meeting inaugurated
“Here for the Right Reasons: Creating Character-Based Adaptations,” DISHS  workshop with Welcome Home Hamlet, a Hamlet Cabaret cast
Welcome Home Hamlet, a Hamlet Cabaret performance
“Bringing Learning to Life Through Readers’ Theater,” DISES residency with Ryan Conarro
Peter Richards DISHS workshop with Aliens cast
“Laying the Foundation: Why We Use Integrated Arts Learning,” Kennedy Center workshop w Sean Layne
“Putting Drama to the Test,” Kennedy Center workshop with Sean Layne
Playwriting workshop with John Cariani
Island Arts Camp – Adele Myers guest artist
Community read, Antony and Cleopatra, with Alicia Anstead
Batacuda drumming workshop and parade
Roy Nathanson and Napoleon Maddox workshop on jazz poetry, blending spoken Word, beat box, and music

Book launch, Waltzing with Bracey, by Brenda Gilchrist, with community
Book launch, Here and Away: Discovering Home on an Island in Maine, by Deborah Cummins
“Greetings from Stonington: A Postcard View from a Century Ago,” Maine historian Earle Shuttleworth on the cultural and architectural roles of opera houses inMaine
Maine Legislature commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the Opera House
Walk Like an Egyptian, CAB opening for Antony and Cleopatra
Outdoor historic OH slide show, created by documentary filmmaker Veronica Young
Wes McNair’s Poetry Express, with Maine’s poet laureate
Four Quartets, by T.S, Eliot, performed by John Farrell



Dying City, by Christopher Shinn, directed by Peter Richards (Winter)
Dear Fish (Fish Stories), script by Dave Hunsaker, directed by Ryan Conarro, in collaboration with Juneau Council on the Arts, performed at the Reach
Chatauqua, by the National Theater of the USA, with guest Colin Woodard, NEFA Touring grant (Winter)
Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare, directed by Cynthia Croot
Cue Sheet created
Elizabeth Rex, by Timothy Findley, directed by Peter Richards
Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington, by Linda Britt (Fall)
13 New Works, from John Cariani workshop (Fall)

How I Learned to Drive, by Paula Vogel, directed by Judith Jerome
Red, Amy Goldwasser book editor, adapted and directed by Esther Adams,
Student Playreading

Tanzspiel, Karen Montanaro

Lupine Festival: Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert
PS, I Love Music, Paul Sullivan and Friends
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
Roni Ben-Hur and Nilson Matta, with Amy London
I1th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran (GSA jazz band opens); Jason Moran, Alicia Hall Moran, and Taiko drummer Kaoru Watanabe; and Matthew Shipp’s String Trio (Duncan Hardy Quintet opens)
Guitar Masters: Ernie Hawkins and Del Rey

Cupid & Psyche, Figures of Speech
Magic for Non-believers, Peter Boie
Tanzspiel, Karen Montanaro
The Cordis Quartet
Antonio Rocha, storyteller and mime
Yoyo People
Don Roy Quartet, the dean of Franco-American fiddling in Maine

Salt of the Earth: A Journey to the Heart of Maine Lobster Fishermen, 1990 Documentary featuring Steve and Brian Robbins
The Olmsted Legacy, new documentary, with post-show conversation with Olmsted descendant
Meet Your Farmer, new documentary profiling 8 Maine farmers, with post-show discussion with filmmaker Cecily Pingree
Dear Fish, film documentary and student performances from the winter show
The Monk and the Mermaid: the Song of Charles Lloyd

Dying City workshop w/ Peter Richards
Dear Fish workshops, w/ Ryan Conarro
First Cue Sheets created for Dear Fish
4th Annual Winter Playwriting Workshop w/ John Cariani
Island Arts Camp, Ian Bannon guest artist
High school interns blog and video with Alicia Anstead for ShakeStonington

Slow: Poetry, Food, Maine, w Wesley McNair, Deborah Cummins, and local readers
Community read Much Ado About Nothing, w Alicia Anstead, Chase Emerson and Stonington libraries
The Queen’s Reception, fundraising event to open Elizabeth Rex, by CAB




Brilliant Traces, by Cindy Lou Johnson, directed by Peter Richards (February)
Burt Dow, Deep Water Man, by Maia Aprahamian, directed by Joan Jubett
Q2: Habitat, created and directed by Alison Chase and Mia Kanazawa
Measure for Measure, Shakespeare, directed by Jeffrey Frace
7x10 x Cariani: 10 minute plays from 2009 Winter Writers Workshop
O Come, O Come: Celebrate the Dark, Bring Back the Light: Favorite holiday Stories, read by community
The Show with My Mom, by Stephanie Dodd, in process community read

Fish Stories, in collaboration with Juneau, AK Council on the Arts

The Julia Wars, by William Wright, directed by Caitlin Hylan
Community Read: Measure for Measure, w/ Alicia Anstead

Tawanda Chabikwa

Lupine Festival: Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert
Gene Nichols and the Machias Ukulele Band
The 10th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with Dr. Michael White (Haystack guest artist) and quartet; Paul Sullivan Jazz
Fingerpicking with the Masters: Guitar Masters Mike Dowling, Del Ray, and Ernie Hawkins Noel Paul Stookey

Tawanda Chabikwa
Gene Nichols and the Machias Ukulele Club for Bastille Day!
The Soiree, by Amanda Houtari
The Burnurwurbskek Singers and Dancers, Penobscot Indians
Dennis Damon and Pete Buxton, tales and poetry of Ruth Moore, and more
Akwaaba Ensemble

AltMovies begin
John Marin: Let the Paint be Paint, w post-shopw discussion with director Michael Maglara
The Fish Belong to the People, part of Fisherman’s Day; port Clyde works to save its fishery
Wonderful World, post-show discussion with director Joshua Goldin
Toy Story 3: Post-show discussion with Tom Meyers, sound designer for the film

Kennedy Center Partners in Education Workshops:
   “Living Pictures: Comprehension and Assessment Through Drama,” w/Sean Layne
Project grant from Kennedy Center to develop “Fish Stories,” a cross continental
   Collaboration with the Juneau Arts Council
Michael Stasiuk residency, DISES—Building papier mache sea creatures in Debbie
   Chappell’s art classes (Burt Dow)
Ryan Conarro residency, DISES—developing interviewing skills and collecting
Stories for Fish Stories
Island Arts Camp, Tawanda Chabikwa, guest artist
High school interns blog and photograph with Alicia Anstead for ShakeStonington

When She Named Fire, An Evening of Poetry with Andrea Hollander Budy, and Deborah Cummins and other local readers
Community Read, Measure for Measure, w Alicia Anstead
Measure for Measure, talkback with Alicia Anstead and Shakespearean scholars
The Incredible Russian Five, musical lecture on the lives and works of 5 19th C Composers
Imagination Intensive Community Award, shared with Haystack—one of 6 awarded in state
Business After Hours—networking for local businesses
Crystal Blue Persuasion’s Sweets ‘n Swing, CAB fundraiser (Fall)