Jon Spelman in storytelling concert
Bus to Bamako, by Pierre-Marc Diennet, directed by Judith Jerome. In development
Sea of Birds, by Sebastienne Mundheim (May)
Yo Miss! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide, written and performed by Judith Sloan
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare, directed by Julia Whitworth (Gala)
On Becoming, written and performed by Catherine Wolf
Q2: Habitat – sneak peek
10th Anniversary Revue::Looking Forward, Looking Back, directed by Judith Jerome and Bob Burke
A Christmas Carol, adapted and directed by Robert Burke

Q2: Habitat
Burt Dow, Deep Water Man
Fish Stories
, in collaboration with Juneau, AK Council on the Arts

Wrecked, by Chris Craddock, directed by Heidi Grego (Student playreading)
Community Read: Macbeth, w/ Alicia Anstead. Inaugural year.
Three Tall Women, by Edward Albee, directed by Judith Jerome
Seven Jewish Children, by Caryl Churchill, directed by Stepehn McLaughlin

Adele Myers and Dancers

Lupine Festival: Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Performance
9th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival: “New Orleans: Deep Cuts: Tom McDermott (Haystack guest artist) with the Danza Quartet; Roy Campbell Trio, with William Parker. GSA’s Musaic opened.
Mary Cleere Harran in concert

Biffing Mussels, by Mike Gorman, directed by Melody Bates and Dave Bennett
Old Grey Goose International, Maine songs including a collection from Deer Isle
Adele Myers and Dancers
Mask Messenger, w/ Beverly Mann
Michael Cooper, visual artist and mime
Amanda Crockett, trapeze and clowning
Burt Dow, Deep Water Man, sneak preview

Kennedy Center Partners in Education Workshops:
   “Focusing on Arts Integration,” keynote speech at August teacher in-service
   “Teachign Tolerance Through Drama,” w/ Stacey Coates
   “Listen, See, Tell: Basic Steps in Telling a Story,” w/ Jon Spelman
   “Getting Started with Drama Integration, Part II,” w/ Karen Erickson
Sebastienne Mundheim school residency (winter)
Maia Aprahamian school residency: 4th and 5th graders collaborated with her on composing music and lyrics for Burt Dow, Deep Water Man
Tawanda Chabikwa school residency, object animation workshop at Settlement Quarry, part of Q2 development
Building Community Through the Arts, drama residency and symposium with Cathy Plourde
Randy Judkins community workshop
3rd Annual John Cariani Winter Writers’ Workshop
Island Arts Camp, Melody Bates and Dave Bennett guest artists

Life by Lobster, final cut, by Iain Martin. Post-show discussion with Martin and several of his subjects
Film goes on be accepted into both Camden and Maine International  Film Festivals
James Castle: Portrait of an Artist, and post-show discussion with director Jeff Wolf and John Ollman
Who Does She Think She Is? And Stephen Pace: Maine Master, in Artists on Film evening
OHA receives award from the Maine International Film Festival’s Maine Academy Awards, for “Best Artistic Direction”
AltMovie series begins.

operahouseARTS, opening at Isalos Gallery, featuring work by local artists expressing life at the OH
Carolyn Caldwell commissioned to produce 10th anniversary collage
Holding Ground, an evening of Maine poetry, read by Deborah Cummins and other invited poets
The Red Squad, Esther Broner reading from her newest novel
Facilitated talkbacks with Alicia Anstead and Shakespearean scholars
Inaugurated, along with ShakeStonington blog
Island Students Free begins



As It Is in Heaven, by Arlene Hutton, directed by Carol Estey, music direction by Mary Ann Haagen (Gala)
Macbeth, Shakespeare, directed by Jeffrey Frace
A Christmas Carol, by Christopher Schiaro, directed by Bob Burke

Burt Dow, Deep Water Man

Lupine Festival variety show and Bud Carter Scholarship Concert
Gender Wayang, Gamelan with Evan Ziporyn and Christine Southworth
8th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, w/ Donald Harrison (Haystack guest artist) quartet; Hot 8 Brass Band
An Evening with Sam Lardner and Barcelona, w/ Juanito Pascual
Tzena! Tzena!, Klezmer band
Paul Sullivan and Friends

The Laramie Project, by Moises Kaufmand and the Tectonic Theater Project,
Directed by Kimberly Grindle (student playreading) (January)
Three One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams, directed by Jean Wilhelm (April)
Our Country’s Good, by Timberlake Wertenbaker, directed by Judith Jerome (June)
Men’s Lives, adapted by Joe Pintauro from the book by Peter Matthiessen, directed by Peter Richards (May and August)

Comedy on Purpose, Mike Miclon
Brother Blue
Summerstage, with David Neufeld
Lorraine Chapman and Friends
Gender Wayang, Gamelan with Evan Ziporyn and Christine Southworth
Tzena! Tzena!, Klezmer band

Lorraine Chapman and Friends

Kennedy Center workshops:
Cissy Whipp: “Moving Ways to Read and Write about Images in West African Textile Art” (January)
Karen Erickson: “Getting Started with Drama Integration, Part I” (March)
“Drama: The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy” (April)
Brass clinic at GSA and DISHS, with members of Hot 8 Brass Band (winter)
Community Sing with Mary Ann Hagen, director of the Enfield Shaker Singers
Island Arts Camp – Mike Miclon guest artist
Jazz Clinic with Hot 8 Brass Band
Winter Master Classes:
“Eccentric Performance for Theater Professionals,” w/ Avner Eisenberg
“Introduction to an Embodied Experience of Shakespeare,” w/ Kristin Linklater

Maine Masters, by Richard Kane, including preview of new Stephen Pace doc
Film on Mardi Gras Indians
Off to Do or Die, film on women’s rugby by Wren Warner, produced by Imagination Project

Poet Daniel Hoffman
Exhibit of Harrison Mardi Gras Indian costumes at Haystack
New Orleans: Culture, Crisis, and Community: Panel on music of NOLA, with Harrison, members of Hot 8, and Larry Blumenfeld
CAB Gala, ribs, coleslaw, and cornbread
Second Line Parade down Main St, with the Hot 8 Brass Band



Taming of the Shrew, directed by Julia WHitworth
Exceptions to Gravity, with Avner the Eccentric
Quarryography, directed by Alison Chase and Mia Kanazawa
The Santaland Diaries, by David Sedaris, a Penobscot Theater production (winter)

Lupine Festival - Bud Carter Memorial Concert, with Heidi Powell and her violin
North Country Country
Jean Redpat h
7th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival: Ear to the Earth, with Joel Chjadabee Arturo O’Farrill (Haystack guest artist)
Downeast Center Ring Circus Band, with Gene Nichols (see below)
The Toughcats

Stonington Shorts 1 – reader’s choice
Straight and Crazy Doped up World, by Sanford Phippen, directed by Galen Koch. First student playreading (winter)
Stonington Shorts 2
White Lilacs – by Claire Melley Smith, directed by Carol Estey
Girl in Blue Armchair – by Susan Courtney, directed by Judith Jerome
Agency, by Lee Rose, directed by Judith Jerome
Stonington Shorts 3

Currently Franklin: The Story of a Paper Boy, by Sebastienne Mundheim
Commedia Del’Arte, w/ Julie Goell
Ashley Bryan
Downeast Center Ring Circus Band, with Gene Nichols
David Darling
Best New Film Shorts!

Currently Franklin: The Story of a Paper Boy, by Sebastienne Mundheim

Kennedy Center Partners in Education begins
Island Arts Camp, Sebastienne Mundheim, guest artist
Music workshop w/ David Darling
Matt Kent school residency, in connection with Quarryography
Commedia workshop with Julie Goell – 1 week

Island Prom wins Grand Prize in Maine Teen Film and Video Festival
Life by Lobster, in-process showing, by Iain Martin, produced by Imagination Project And J. Miller Tobin



An Evening of Hans Christina Andersen, by Birgitte Grimsted
As You Like It, Shakespeare, directed by Jeffrey Frace, Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant is born
Women and the Sea, by Shelley Berc and Anita Stewart, directed by Judith Jerome
Live from the Stonington Opera House: Radio Show – Included “Nine Months,” by Cara Haycack, performed by Laurie Klemenz. Mike Miclon host; Jay Peterson music director, Carol Estey stage director
Quarryography-sneak peek
Almost Maine, Penobscot Theater production
Tim Collins, solo show
Perdita, by Pierre Diennet—Maine winter tour 


Metamorphosis, by Mary Zimmerman, directed by Wendy Schweikert (winter)
Painting Churches, by Tina Howe, directed by Caitlin Shetterley (winter)
Incident at Vichy, by Arthur Miller, directed by Bill Raiten
Art, by Yasmina Reza, directed by Carol Estey

David Mallet – Lupine Festival
6th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival – Min Xiao-Fen Quartet (Haystack guest artist), w/all-female quartet: Susie Ibarra, Okkyung Lee, and Yumino Takaka; Randy Weston
Coffeehouse – February
Coffeehouse – May
Maine Squeeze-In: accordion roundup

Maine Hysterical Society, with Randy Judkins and friends; Judkins also guest artist atArts Camp
Young Stars of Maine: Bay Chamber Concert
Marco Leinhard - Taiko Drumming and Shakuhachi flute
Mort Hanson – Falling Up Words
Nzininga’s Daughters
16mm films – McCloskey and other short films

Vocal workshop with Birgitte Grimsted
Island Arts Camp – Randy Judkins guest artist
SUMMERSTAGE – Dance workshop w/ Alison Chase (part of QuarryographyDevelopment
Dream Big Entrepreneur Class/Big Rock Café, opens-with Linda Nelson

Island Prom – student film made by Galen Koch and Lettson Douglas. Imagination Project.
Tire Tracks, by John Steed. Imagination Project
Ballad of the Purple Clam, by Adam Fisher, Prospect Harbor
Best of MIFF

Maine Squeeze-In: accordion roundup
Taxing Maine – written and produced by David Greenham



Building is winterized and opens with movies in April
The Power Play, written and performed by Tim Collins
The Singing Bridge: a Downeast Chamber Opera, music by Anna Dembska, conceived and written by Beatrix Gates, directed by Richard Edelman. Gala
Hamlet, directed by Julia Whitworth and Jeffrey Frace
Live from the Stonington Opera House: Radio Show 6, w/ Mike Miclon hosting and including Bud Carter scholarship winners
Perdita, written and performed by Pierre Diennet, directed by Judith Jerome

Ancestral Voices: A Family Story, by A.R. Gurney—directed by Caitlin Shetterley
Good Evening, directed by Alan Flowers
Riot Act, by Robert Rosenblum, directed by Carol Estey

Headlong Dance Theater (see below)

5th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with Hamid Drake (Haystack Guest Artist and his trio, including flautist Nicole Mitchell from Black Earth Ensemble; drum  duets with Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang; Houston Person Quartet, with
GSA’s Musiquarium opening
Butch Thompson, piano
An Evening of Broadway IX, with Alan Flowers

Randy Judkins, and Arts Camp guest artist
Headlong Dance Theater
Summerstage Stonington, student performances
Butch Thompson
Fred Garbo’s Inflatable Theater
Robert McCloskey 16mm films

Finding Home – filmed on the island
Premier of Tire Tracks, by John Z. Steed
Wicked Good Student Film Series – 2 films

Dream Big entrepreneur workshop, with Linda Nelson, at DISHS
Island Arts Camp, guest artist Randy Judkins
Butch Thompson, history of 19th and 20th C piano
Summerstage – musical theater workshop for high school students w/ James Sasser
Dream Big/Big Rock Café, student built café begins development
Sound Capture and Sound Database Creation Residency and Workshop, with Nate Aldrich andZach Poff

Lupine Festival, included 4 shows of Finding Home, dance with Free Radicals, and “Lupinanny,” student recitals