The Ferry Musicals, 5th Anniversary Benefit and Gala
Romeo and Juliet, directed by Jeffrey Frace
Crossing the Boulevard, with Judith Sloan
Live from the Stonington Opera House: Radio Show 5, hosted by Mike Miclon, with Paul Sullivan and Bud Carter Scholarship winners

The Singing Bridge
Perdita, by Pierre Diennet

Electra, by Sophocles, directed by Wendy Schweikert
Lobster Tales, 3 plays by Sean Sutherland, directed by Judith Jerome
The Singing Bridge, excerpts from this year in development
The Exonerated, by Eric Jensen and Jessica Blank,  directed by Carol Estey

See Heather Cornell below
See Berg, Jones, and Sarvis below

Gordon Bok in concert
Songs of the Sea, Impromptu, accapella group, directed  by Bronwen Kortge
Nottingham Brass, benefit for the Ark Animal Shelter
Country Music Jamboree, with Dudley’s Corner and Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection; and Evergreen, with Amy Hunt England
Evening of Broadway VIII, with Alan Flowers
4th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with Lewis Nash Trio and Heather Cornell; William Parker (guest artist at Haystack) with his Raining on the Moon  Quintet and vocalist Leena Conquest. GSA’s Black Note Fever Combo opened
on Saturday and Bill McHenry’s Quartet opened on Sunday
Innovata Brass
Bright Music, chamber music with Matthew Dane and Christina Jennings and friends

LIVE! FOR $5 – new name for IFTAP
Amanda Houtari and Odd Co., new vaudeville
Summerstage Stonington – Cinq Juliets
Heather Cornell of Manhattan Tap, with drummer Lewis Nash
Berg, Jones, and Sarvis, with OHA commissioned piece on Kestenbaum poem

Wicked Good Student Film Series – 3 films

Island Arts Camp, Amanda Houtari guest artist
Summerstage – Viewpoints/Suzuki workshop with Jeffrey Frace

Lupine Festival, recitals
The Creative Economy: Beyond Tourism, economic development forum
M.C. Richards: The Fire Within, with panel discussion with jazz artists and filmmaker Richard Kane
Map Intermedia Performance, with Nate Aldrich: sound, video and choreography



Dracula: The Covenant, written by Kevin Gray and Dodie Pettit, directed by Carol Estey
The Winter’s Tale, directed by Julia Whitworth
Live from the Stonington Opera House, incorporates this year the Bud Carter Music  Scholarship winners, hosted by Julie Goell, with music direction by Paul Sullivan

The Singing Bridge – in process work presented as part of Our Own Playreading Series

Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, by Jane Wagner, directed by Wendy Schweikert
Nickled and Dimed, by Jane Holden (based on Ehrenreich book), directed by Carol Estey
The Singing Bridge – in process work presented as part of Our Own Playreading Series

Headlong Dance Theater
The Outer Space Band, benefit dance at the Legion Hall, sponsored by The Grasshopper Shop

Country Music Jamboree: Mac McHale and his Old Time Radio Gang
Wade Dow and Friends
The Bagaduce Players, chamber music
Gordon Bok: In Concert
3rd Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival, with David Tronzo (first artist in residence at Haystack) and Bill McHenry; Luciana Souza and Romero Lubambo; Fred Hersh and Luciana Souza; and (at the Reach) the Joe Lovano Quartet, with Bill McHenry’s Maine Festival Band opening for him.
IFTAP – (Farmstead Barn series becomes Island Family Theater Arts Program)
La Schnozzola Mista, commissioned mask theater, by Beverly Mann
Unplugged, Randy Judkins, physical comedy/circus
Seeing with the Heart’s Eye, Martin Steingesser, performance poet
Summerstage Stonington, student performance
Come, Stay, Go – commissioned dance piece, by Mia Kanazawa
An evening of Robert McCloskey films, on 16mm

The Wicked Good Student Film Festival – 3 films

Island Arts Camp inauguration, in collaboration with the Reach and Seamark
Summerstage Stonington, a week of theater arts for high school students with Les Cargot (Les Hoffheinz)
(The following workshops programmed as a collaboration between IFTAP and Seamark Community Arts): Juggling, Character Work, Slapstick, and Other Gravity Defying Skills, with Randy Judkins
Art Hats, with Jennifer Morrow Wilson
Seeing with the Heart’s Eye, writing and calligraphy with Martin Steingesser and JanOwens
Bringing Line to Life: Animating Line and Form with Emotion, with Penny Plumb
DISHS – Wicked Good Student Film Class

Electronic Music lecture/demo, with Joel Chadabee
Studs Terkel in conversation
World Puppet Festival performances, in collaboration with Figures of Speech



A Night at the Opera (House), 3rd Gala Benefit, with Ron Raines
Twelfth Night, directed by Julia Whitworth
Women’s Work, a festival of solo performance
   Rebel Without a Pause, written and performed by Reno
   Menopausal Gentleman, written and performed by Peggy Shaw
   O Wholly Night and Other Jewish Solecisms, written and performed by Deb Margolin
   Denial of the Fittest, written and performed by Judith Sloan
   Love’s Fowl, written and performed by Susan Vitucci
Nightingale, by Figures of Speech

The Singing Bridge

Vladimir Square, directed and performed by Alvin Epstein and Judith Jerome
The Laramie Project, by Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theatre Project, directed By Carol Estey

Imagemaking with Pilobolus, student performance at the Settlement Quarry

Mac McHale and the Oldtime Radio Gang
Friends in Concert: with Matthew Dane, Christina Jennings and friends
Parade of the Animals, family concert, with Matthew Dane, Christina Jennings and friends
2nd Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival  (note name change), with Vincent Chauncey Quartet; Jason Moran, solo and the Greg Osby quartet, (included post-show Jam); Bill McHenry Quartet and Jason Moran and Greg Osby duos; Andy Bey
Bud Carter memorial Scholarship Concert
An Evening of Broadway VII, with Alan Flowers

The Outrageous Wisdom of Nasruddin, with Richard Merrill
The Mask Messenger, with Beverly Mann

The Wicked Good Film Festival

Writing for Performance, with Deb Margolin, week-long workshop
Imagemaking with Pilobolus, Alison Chase choreography workshop—included first  performance at Settlement Quarry
The Recycled Art Project, with the Lasters
The Recycled Art Project: Instrument Making
Drumming, with Kevin Campbell
Teen jazz, with Carol Estey
Ballet, with Sarah Estey
Tools for Physical Theater:Viewpoints and Composition, with Julia Whitworth and cast from Twelfth Night
Shakespeare’s Structure, with Julia Whitworth
DISHS - Wicked Good Student Film Class

Lupine Festival (inaugural year), OH hosted student recitals
Larry Blumenfeld conversation with Greg Osby and Jason Moran
The Lobster Chronicles, Linda Greenlaw reads from her new book
Stephen Dunn – Poetry reading


A Phoenix Too Frequent, by Christopher Fry, directed by Donna Jean Fogel
A Night at the Opera (House), second annual gala, with Kurt Ollman and William Lavonis
The Tempest, (Shakespeare in Stonington inauguration), directed by Julia Whitworth
2nd Annual Live from the Stonington Opera House, written and directed by Denise Lanctot

The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler, directed by Carol Estey
Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, directed by Carol Estey

The North Atlantic Jazz Festival (Inauguration, with Larry Blumenfeld), Dewey Redman Quartet, with Matt Wilson and David Tronzo
Mac McHale and his Old Time Radio Gang
A Night of Chamber Music, with Matthew Dane and Christina Jennings
An Evening of Broadway, with Alan Flowers (Methodist Church had previously Hosted) Daniel Roumain, in Never Felt Better
Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert

FARMSTEAD BARN SERIES (family shows, in collaboration with Ginia Wexler in Hancock. She had been successfully running this series for years.)
Bruce McKenzie Johnson, magician
Andrea Wright, Books Alive!
Marcus Gale, Music for Everyone
Frogtown Mountain Pupeteers, The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

Wicked Good Student Film Series inaugurated: Waking Ned Devine; Nosferatu, silent film accompanied by David Tronzo on slide guitar; Battle of the Bonds 
Peyton Place, introduced by scholar Ardis Cameron

Thinking Cinematically: An Introductory Screenwriting Workshop, with Elizabeth Nonas
Jazz dance, with Carol Estey
Ballet 1, Youth Ballet, Adult Ballet, and Creative Dance, with Sarah Estey
Vocal Master Class, with Kurt Ollman and William Lavonis
Knowing the Score, music composition workshop with Daniel Romain (3 classes, ages 7-10; 11-15, and adult)
Pilobolus Intergenerational Choreography workshop
DISHS – Wicked Good Student Film Class

Peyton Place, introduced by scholar Ardis Cameron
Pilobolus, with Alison Chase, lecture/demo
An Evening with Judith Sloan, actress, comedienne


A Night at the Opera (House), gala opening, variety show, with Ron Raines and Lucine Amara
Lava Love – circus/dance/theater, with LAVA, Sarah East Johnson, director
By Weill: Songs Degenerate and Otherwise, with Alvin Epstein and Beth Anne Cole
Live! From the Stoningtop Opera House, Radio show, (partially) broadcast over WERU, hosted by Carmelita Tropicana, with Bob Haskell Big Band

Mas Ikemiya and The New York Ragtime Orchestra
Bud Carter Memorial Music Scholarship Concert (Methodist Church had previously Hosted by Elizabeth Franklin – An American Songbook (at Methodist Church)

Children’s and Adult Beginner Ballet, with Sarah Estey
Jazz dance, with Carol Estey
Vocal Master Class, with Luba Tcheresky
Radio Scriptwriting, with Denise Lanctot
Circus Skills for Kids, with LAVA