An “Our Own” Community Playreading of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Adapted and directed in radio-style format by OHA Community Advisory Board member, actor, and director Robert Burke with a four-member cast of Burke, Bill Anderson, Mason Woodman, and Veronica Young--recorded live on the decorated Opera House stage

by Charles Dickens
Adapted and edited by Bob Burke.


December 19-31 ON DEMAND

A community-wide reading of the beloved holiday story, by Gloria Houston with illustrations by Barbara Cooney, directed by OHA Community Advisory Board member Amanda Larrabee and including footage of local families reading individual pages of the story from their homes before their holiday trees. This virtual program will include free “treat poke” material kits pickup at the Opera House Box Office at the corner of School and Main Street.

by Gloria Houston
Directed by Amanda Larrabee


Dec. 18 at 7pm

Dec. 19-31 ON DEMAND





September 12th  at 4pm 


by John Cariani



Obsessive/Impulsive: Taylor Staples, Mason Woodman

Singing Telegram: Effie Dobbertin, Tim Peper

The Wish: Jill McDonnell, Peter Richards

The Two of Them: Marvin Merritt IV, Carmin Sherlock

What?: Marvin Merritt IV/, John Eliot Burke

The Answer: Emma Plummer/, Drew Wendell

Uh-Oh!: Sam Harrington, Debbie Weil



Lunch and Dinner: .William Anderson, Ariane Van Buren

Chicken: Ray Dinsmore, Nancy Geene

Forgot: .Becky Siebert/, John Steed

Where Was I?: Pam Driesell/, Amy Morley

Destiny: Bob Burke/, Veronica Young


Stage Directions: John Cariani


Directed by: John Cariani, Linda Nelson, Peter Richards

Stage Manager: Rebecca Schneider

General Manager: Pam Getto

Tech Crew: Tyler Walker, Luce Luna

House Management: Riley Getto, Ellie Larrabee

Bring Your Own Seat or Blanket and Sit in Designated, Socially-Distanced Spaces for Up to Five People  

$20 per Space (On seating chart pick "S" ticket)

OR Drive-in and Watch and Listen from Inside Your Car

$20 per Car (On seating chart pick "V" ticket)

Join us Saturday, September 12 at 4 pm (rain date: Sunday September 13 at 1 pm) for OHA's first "Our Own" Community Playreading of the fall season: Maine playwright John Cariani's (ALMOST, MAINE) most recent comedy, LOVE/SICK. Directed by John himself, an award winning Broadway actor as well as playwright, 20 of your friends, neighbors, and family star in these 10 short, slightly twisted and completely hilarious plays that turn the romantic comedy on its ear.


Set on a slightly surreal Friday evening in June in an alternate suburban reality, this play examines life, love, relationships, and mental health in suburbia. How sick are we? How well are we? Who’s to say? Are we better off alone? Or coupled? And—again—who’s to say? Full of imperfect lovers and dreamers, LOVE/SICK takes a hard and hilarious look at what it takes to navigate the course of true love. And it doesn’t run smooth.


The cast includes the following students from the Deer Isle-Stonington High School drama program: Jill McDonald, Emma Plummer, Taylor Staples, Drew Wendell, and Mason Woodman. The rest of the community cast is comprised of Bill Anderson, John Eliot Burke, Robert Burke, Ray Dinsmore, Effie Dobbertin, Pam Driesell, Nancy Greene, Sam Harrington, Marvin Merritt IV, Amy Morley, Tim Peper, Peter Richards, Carmin Sherlock, Becky Siebert, John Steed, Ariane Van Buren, Debbie Weil, and Veronica Young. 



  • All patrons must bring a mask to the ball field. Masks must be worn when entering and walking to your designated space, when exiting, and at all times when patrons are not seated in designated spaces.

  • All OHA staff will wear masks at all times. 

  • Seating spaces--with up to 5 persons per party--will be 6 feet apart. The first row of spaces will be 14 feet from the stage. 

  • For your safety, please follow all OHA staff instructions, especially when entering and exiting the ball field. 

  • Bathroom facilities are limited. Please plan accordingly.

  • Please arrive early. Doors open at 3pm. 

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