The 21st Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival

July 16-17, 2021

In the Stonington Opera House, 7pm

Tickets $25-$45

Drummer and percussionist Hamid Drake
 returns to Deer Isle to headline this year's event, co-curated with Larry Blumenfeld. The festival will feature two different groups, reflecting two sides of Hamid Drake's expansive musicality and showcasing influential figures of Chicago’s jazz and creative-music community. 


Friday Night, July 16: Hamid Drake/Michael Zerang Duo

For more than 30 years, Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang have drawn on drum and percussion styles from many traditions as the basis for improvisations that create a meditative point of reflection, transition, and renewal.


Opening band: Jazz Immunity, from George Stevens Academy—featuring Margaret Nevin (alto sax & vibes), Gabe Hall (trumpet), Morgan Davis (keyboard), Andy Hipsky (bass guitar), and Zeke Sacaridiz (drums)—will extend GSA’s long relationship with the Deer Isle Jazz Festival and celebrate the legacy of music director Steve Orlofsky on the eve of his retirement. 


Saturday Night, July 17: Indigenous Mind (Hamid Drake/ Joshua Abrams/ Jason Adasciewicz)

In this all-star collective trio, Hamid Drake joins forces with Joshua Abrams (bass and guimbri) and Jason Adasciewicz (vibraphone & balafon) to create music that spans styles as it extends a long and deep creative-music continuum.


Opening Band: The Danny Fisher-Lochhead Tap Quartet—featuring Danny Fisher-Lochhead (saxophone), Ross Gallagher (bass), Ryan Blotnick (guitar), and Orlando Hernandez (tap dance)—navigates new musical experiments with one foot in the dance world.

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A new documentary celebrating the last 20 years of our
Deer Isle Jazz Festival

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The Deer Isle Jazz Festival has been a cornerstone of Opera House Arts' year round programming since 2001. Co-founded with national jazz and cultural critic Larry Blumenfeld, the Festival has, in its 20-year history, hosted both international jazz stars as part of the National Endowment for the Arts' Jazz Masters Series; up and coming artists including the young Jason Moran; and Maine-based jazz talent, with a particular annual focus on spotlighting the George Stevens Academy's award-winning combos. In this video, the second in OHA's series, we speak directly with artists Jason Moran, Min Xiao-Fen, and Ross Gallagher, as well as with Larry Blumenfeld, Stu Kestenbaum, and more.

Opera House Arts is grateful to an anonymous donor for funding support of this project.