Question:  How do I purchase a socially distanced square?

Answer:  On the seating chart choose a “S” ticket.


Question:  How do I purchase drive in style ticket to watch from my vehicle?

Answer: On the seating chart choose a “V” ticket.


Question: How do I hear the performance from my vehicle?

Answer:  The sound will be transmitted to your car radio on 88.3 FM.


Question – Do I have to wear a mask in my square?

Answer – No, if you are within your square you don’t need to wear a mask. You DO need to wear a mask ANYTIME you go outside of your square.


Question – Do I need to purchase a ticket for everyone inside my square?

Answer – No, a square ticket includes up to five people within your square. 


Question – If I buy a square where do I park?

Answer – Parking is available across the street at the Island Community Center parking lot.


Question:  How do I enter the ball field if I purchased a Vehicle ticket?

Answer: Drive into the gate onto the ball field and our staff will show you where to park.


Question:  What happens if it rains?

Answer:  The rain date is Sunday, September 13, at 1PM. We will notify you by email, announce it on our website, and social media. 


Question: Will concessions be available at the ball field?

Answer:  No.  However, you may order concession bundles on our website and your order will be available for pick-up at the ball field before the performance.  *Concession bundles must be purchase before 2PM the day of the show.

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