The Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Concert


Bud Carter Loved to Sing

Born in Deer Isle, Bud was a crooner—and a bandleader of, among other groups, the StoningTones. The Bud Carter Memorial Music Scholarship Concert is an annual event, hosted since 2002 at the Opera House. The scholarship and concert were inaugurated in 1991, in memory of this beloved local musician after his untimely early death. Since 1991 the committee has awarded over 100 scholarships, funding three to seven students each year for voice and instrument lessons, instruments and repairs, and music camps. The one requirement is that scholarship winners perform in the Bud Carter Concert in the year in which they receive the scholarship, and in the following year. Many students return in subsequent years to perform. The Bud Carter Memorial Scholarship Committee members also provide advice and oversight regarding instructors and instruments.

This celebratory event not only showcases the talent of the young winners but also is the sole source of funding for these scholarships, which are used to support lessons, music camp tuitions, and musical instrument purchases and more for island school students.


The annual concert is the primary source of funds for this scholarship, which provides direct support for the music education of our young people. More than any other subject, the study of music has been shown to improve performance in all area's of school and life.

If you'd prefer to mail a check to support the Scholarship Fund, it can be sent to:

Bud Carter Music Scholarship Fund
c/o Opera House Arts
P.O. Box 56
Stonington, ME 04681.